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Originally Posted by MailEdge View Post
For me / if it is monthly services I will use a charge card / and then if it is consumer good / I will bounce between them both credit card or paypal, I use paypal when I do not have my charge card handy and use paypal to pay people or send a invoice to someone....

I feel secure with both but for sure it is use case and if not just either one which ever I feel like using at the time / sometime the balance on my card will push me to use PayPal...


I love paypal too

Originally Posted by iHostiGo View Post
For my self i prefer PayPal and i think PayPal is safer for me. PayPal is easy to use and if you need to dispute it you can get it resolved fast. Its really your choice because both methods are safe if you know what your buying.
Totally agree,paypal is faster in resolving dispute.

Originally Posted by SenseiSteve View Post
I prefer Credit Card, even though I've had excellent service from PayPal.
Well ,sometimes I get into trouble when make payment through credit card,such as a "high-risk-transaction" failure ,really annoying...

Originally Posted by WebHostGlobeCom View Post
It depends on the kind of products you are purchasing. For PayPal, the advantage is that there is a buyer protection feature which allows you to request for a refund within a stipulated period of time if you did not receive the product/service. However, the servicing fees/charges can be quite high, especially when you purchase in foreign currency.
I know there are fees when use paypal .but as a payer there isn't any fees at all,the seller has to bear.Right?

Originally Posted by WiredBladeCom View Post
Both. But if you are a business owner, you should be supporting both. Paypal has a 'Virtual Terminal' where you can charge credit cards as well. $30/month.
Yes,this sounds not bad.