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Originally Posted by Artashes View Post
I see that you voted "Split everything, but keep Dedicated/Colocation merged". Did you mean to select "Split absolutely everything" instead?
I voted what I thought would be best but after I thought about and colo and dedi should be split, I can not change my vote but I think if your split everything in the "Web Hosting Offers" section it would be good because like in another post it will target more users looking for specific hosting type rather then trying to search and buy shared hosting but just ended up spending 25 a month for some resellers web hosting(if the user is new to this).

I also think color and dedi should be slip and your could mix cloud and dedi if you really wanted to. since they are both ran on dedicated servers.

A New design for HD would not hurt either its been the same for years and changing something could boost some activity.
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