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Originally Posted by XSV View Post
I think the strategy needs to be different as a host company with what you can successfully post compared to say a webmaster coupon code site that has followers that want to see a steady stream of discount coupons and special offers coming their way. From their host, that they've already chosen, you probably will not have a high conversion rate as the followers are going to be made up primarily of existing clients. They may share offers with friends on occasion, but social media for a host is probably going to help more with overall long term branding and retention.
You raise very good points here I agree completely. As a web hosting company it's a bit different to your convensional online business.

Good question.

I think Twitter on the downside and Google+ up also comes down to Twitters much bigger usage than Google+. Twitter can only go down and Google+ can only go up.

It's best to use all of the main social networks as your customer's will have different preferences over which one they use.
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