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Just as the title says, support your support and a Shoutout. Some of our team has been at this since the mid 1990's. We could write a book on "the good, the bad, and the ugly" when it comes to web hosting and their support teams.

Four things that are a must for us from a web host are awesome support, fast and reliable servers, and customer service, and it should be for everyone.

I personally think a support team can make or break a web host. One thing I don't see a lot of are reviews just supporting a host support team. I also think they're the backbone of a web host.

Months ago we got a managed vps from KVC Hosting, and I want to give their support team a Shoutout for their awesome support to us.

They've always answered our supports tickets within a matter of minutes and resolved the support ticket right then and didn't wait hours.

Last night, we asked their support to migrate some Wordpress sites for us from another host to our vps with them. From the time we sent them the support ticket until we got a response back from them that all the sites had been migrated to our vps was less than 30 minutes.

KVC has been one of our "go to host" for years and they've never let us down and we just want to give their support team a special Shoutout for the excellent, fast and knowledgeable service they've always provided for us.

Thank you KVC Hosting Support Team.

Uh oh, I forgot to use the template but I'll be more than happy to verify the domain associated with our vps, and yes I would recommend them to anyone.

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