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LONDON, UK September 5, 2016 Zomex, a professional template provider has just announced the merge with

Two weeks ago we made the decision to merge the client area/ordering/support of our sister website with our parent website This process has now been completed. It took a considerable amount of time to maintain 2 websites. As provided the same templates/support/pricing as every time we created a new template, updated a template, updated our website, made a announcement etc this had to be done on two websites so it took double the amount of time for every update. With the recent merge with Zomex this will no longer be the case.

We would like to thank the WHT community for their feedback on this big change provided via our thread discussion.

Commenting on the merge, chief executive officer of Zomex, Jack Curtis, said:

"With the merge of the two client areas our customer's will benefit from an even quicker release of template updates, quicker support thanks to everything being accessed on 1 website, the ability to spend more time on template development and enhancements & much more"
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