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We have the following policy:

New Clients
- You place an order, we expect an immediate payment within 24 hours. If the order is not paid for within 24 hours, your order is deleted and you are reported to Fraud Record as non-payment, as there is no reason why the order should not have been paid for within the 1st 24 hours.
- We delete your order and we ban the IP and close the account.

Existing Clients
- Invoices are sent 7 days before the due date.
- You are notified 1 week before your due date, giving you plenty of time to put money in your account.
- If you can't pay within those 7 days, then you need to contact us and let us know why and setup payment arrangements.
- If account is not paid by 11:59 PM ET on the 7th day, the system suspends the account and then adds a $25 late fee to the invoice.
- The client is given an additional 21 days to pay the invoice. If they don't pay it by the end of the 30 days, their service is terminated and all other services that they have with us are 'suspended' manually, which usually forces the client to get in contact with us.
- If they want to continue services, the account must be paid up to day, plus an additional $25 administrative / reconnect fee, in addition to the $25 late fee that is already on the invoice.
- A report is filed with Fraud Record to document this and to alert others about this client.
- If the client doesn't contact us within 7 days, then we terminate all services and we close the customer's account and ban their IP.
- If their account is terminate, we do not keep backups of their accounts and will not restore their account.

No one likes non-pays, simply put.