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Originally Posted by enomyn View Post
I registered a new WHT ID and ex-ID is registered under corporate. WHT was gave 4 ID to my ex-company. When i was resigned, i am not allow to use the company ID to access to WHT.

Fine, the main issue is those WHT idiot totally not listening any explanation. I have proof everything include my personal government ID and our new company registration cert, end up they still the same.
Thank you for the explanation. I see your point and the desire to actually have a conversation and offer proof and their unwillingness to accommodate you sounds a little harsh.

However, did you register a new account before letting them know? I remember them being very strict with that.

Also, don't forget that even if they are okay with the new account, they might still not be okay with you recommending an ex-employer. Who knows, that can be a clever strategy by some companies to infiltrate the community with those kind of users who would recommend them with every opportunity. I can honestly see why they won't be okay with that.