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Originally Posted by vladimir View Post
I am also not a fan of this. How do they know how many clients you have?
The system itself has been able to tell for years how many clients you have. If you go into admin -> clients -> filter -> active clients, you'll see a iist. That's been there since at least v5, and probably longer. It's simply a MySQL query on their part. I'm more concerned with what they're doing with that data, which they shouldn't be collecting to begin with, honestly.

Originally Posted by Optimidia View Post
I guess the fact that cPanel took over made them a little more corporate-like.
cPanel didn't take over. Matt's still running the show. cPanel merely bought a 49% stake in the company, which , honestly, was needed at the time. It gave Matt the needed money to spend on security enhancements which were sorely needed.
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