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Originally Posted by HH-Jake View Post
Did you ever find the answer to this? I am having a hell of a hard time get cron to run this every five mins.
not really, just to follow the documentation and add >/dev/null 2>&1 at the end of the command

so the documentaion states

'We recommend configuring it to be invoked every 5 minutes. If your web host does not allow you to perform crons at this level of frequency, you should configure it to run as frequently as your web hosting provider permits.'
i have highlighted the best part, as i an the web host and i want it to run as it always has and that is once a day which i told him this was the reply i got

Hello Terry,

I have never heard of a web host that only allows you to execute a cron job once every 24 hours. The most I have ever seen this limited to is at a rate of once per 15 minutes.

You are welcome to run it once a day, however that will likely have to change in the future as more things get implemented into the cron job. To run it once a day you are still going to need to go to Setup > Automation Settings and specify the hour you want all of your main processes to run. You then need to ensure that you are running your Cron Job at the during the period that you specify in your admin area.

Please note, the cron job logs when it runs through its main processes, and it will not run through them more than once a day unless you manually force them to as the notification you received explains.

Best regards,
so really they are not recommending you run the cron every 5 minutes, they are telling you to run it every 5 minutes, so they are really telling you how to run your business.

it also seems as in 7.0.0 RC1 ( last beta version) thew cron could run once a day, but they changed this in the general release
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