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Originally Posted by Optimidia View Post
Yes, I did read that. What I was asking is how reliable do you find it to be and how does it handle false positives? How do you follow up to make sure also the hosting company isn't at fault?
I find it very useful, but if the query shows several hosts have filed a report then it would be a false positive.

You need to use your initiative when reading these to see if you are willing to take a risk.

Fraudrecord is not just used to report fraud as such.

If we have a client who does not pay his invoice and in turn gets suspended and then terminated then it is not really major fraud, but like some hosts i will place a report on fraudrecord with a 1 or 2 mark with a comment that they failed to pay invoice and was terminated as this helps other hosts to make a choice if they do a check to take the risk with this client.
simple things to look out for when clients sign up is strange names, strange address details and strange phone numbers and email addresses that come from free email providers other than yahoo or gmail. this will be signs of possible fraud.
you soon learn to pick up the signs before ordered are completed
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