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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
but Jack is this not like going to a supermarket and paying 50p for a tin of beans and then suddenly they get their 1000th customer through the door, so the beans go up to 1 a tin.

i think it will have a negative effect on them and make clients leave when they reach the thresholds
No it's not the same as your example is based on the companies client total. This is based on WHMCS's customer's client total.

The way I see it is value provided by WHMCS vs cost is a big difference. WHMCS should be providing your business with significantly more value than the cost of the license even at their new pricing structure.

I think some people will look to make changes for example those with more than 1 license experimenting with new brands may start merging them to save on license costs. But overall WHMCS will see big increase to their income from this change, as long as this results in a higher investment into support and software updates then we will all collectively benefit from this change.
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