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Originally Posted by whmcsguru View Post
Nonsense. If you can't afford at least $20/month for your billing platform, then you're in the wrong business
Yes, that is what I said pretty much. Though if you think that would be everyones attitude then you're very wrong. I am pretty confident a lot of people would have looked at alternatives if there was an across the board price increase.

Now if they're in the wrong business or not is for another discussion.

Originally Posted by whmcsguru View Post
Again, nonsense. You get no additional 'benefit' from WHMCS as your client base grows. You don't save any more time, or spend any less. You're still going to use an automation platform, so that nonsense is just that... nonsense. You benefit nothing in the longrun
You have to think of it as man hours. If you took WHMCS out of the equation a smaller company might survive by spending X hours day managing accounts via spreadsheets, emailing etc. Once you get to our size, this is impossible so the value we get out of WHMCS is significantly more than smaller companies so yes, WHMCS saves us much more man hours than it does a smaller company and so the value to us is much more significant.

Of course we can agree to disagree and put it down to what really matters: will the extra money be used to improve WHMCS. This is something we'll see in the future though many have their doubts.
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