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So what if people looked at alternatives? They'd be back. Unfortunately, right now, and this is something that those behind WHMCS know, there are no solid alternatives. The losers that keep coming up and trying to overtake them are just that, losing propositions.

As far as managing accounts, again, no company does that any more. None. This isn't something unique to WHMCS. It's not even something WHMCS brought to the table. Hell, that was done , solidly before they took over, with Modernbill, ClientExec, Blesta, etc.... The software doesn't give one any additional benefit for the number of clients they have, none.

Put simply, as I did earlier, this is a 'taxation' system, which works great for a country, because, quite honestly, those paying more taxes, use more of the resources. However, those using WHMCS use the same amount of resources. Larger companies, actually, have LESS of a drain on WHMCS resources, as they outsource support, development, etc... So, they should be paying less to WHMCS, instead of being taxed more, for the privilege of having more customers.

As far as 'improvements'? What 'improvements' have we seen from the additional funds raised from owned licenses again? It's been the same old, same old, since day one. Support? Yeah, right, you're joking. Development? Not much 'improvement' (if any) there. Still 1-2 years per major release, so that's not changed. I"m not complaining about their release schedule, at all, because it's still one of the best. However, we have seen nothing from these additional funds from owned licenses. What makes you think this is going to be different?

Right now (and you can bet this is something WHMCS knows), there is no mature competition for WHMCS. Blesta's tried, but failed to deliver anything close. CE? Same... The players in this industry are washed up and old. Until someone comes in and knocks WHMCS down a few pegs, it's just going to get worse. The attitude at the top is the problem.
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