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A few months a go this guy contacted me on live chat through my website, I could see he was from the Maldives, he told me he 'wanted reseller'. After a small chat he said he would come back and buy later.

The next day, same again.. asking for reseller.

Over the space of 2/3 months he would regularly come and ask random questions.

Then one day I noticed his referrer as http://localhost/.. which basically means he was chatting to me from the web server setup on his PC... I assumed he had saved my website for offline viewing or something.

Last few weeks he has been coming back more and more frequently so I decided to investigate..

I managed to find his email address which lead me to some domain names, which lead me to a business and then finally I found his website.

As suspected, he has basically copied my website entire design and word for word.. changed logo and some minor adjustments to match his own services price/currency etc...

I believe it has kickstarted a bigger problem my website is not performing at all organically.. I think it is being penalised for duplicate content. My domain is also showing up on 100s of foreign spam websites.

I feel like I will be fighting a losing battle but I'm confident it is hurting my business.

I noticed he is using the same paid font that I use on my domain, I am licensed to use it but he obviously is not so I have reported him to the font foundry. This is only a minor win as he can just change font.

I guess there is not much I can do about this, or is there?
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