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Originally Posted by whmcsguru View Post
If you're "just breaking even" then you need to re-examine your business model. That's not WHMCS' fault.
$20 is quite reasonable for software at the scale of WHMCS. If you can't afford that, then you shouldn't be in business.
That's a little harsh.

XTM does not have to re-examine anything, he doesn't object to paying, and clearly in his post he mentioned that he is happy with the tier pay system. Also I don't think he meant to say that $20 is too much for his business, rather than if one company decided to drastically up their pricing, then he'd probably just look for an alternative solution, which there are a few.

Such increases are more painful to smaller operators on a smaller budget than large companies that have comfortable financials. Even a $20/month increase ($240 for the year) is the money they'd rather spend advertising than handing over to the same software that hasn't delivered 20-dollars a month worth of additional benefits.