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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
so xtm_mike

1) your site looks like a template to me, so will have more of these online.
2) your reviews link to a facebook page is dead.
3) your whmcs pages show 2016 SwiftHost which is different to your site name.
4) you say you are from the north east of england then SNAP as so an i, but are you aware that if you are a UK business then you must legally display a physical address on your website and a contact phone number.

Nope, no template.. 100% custom designed in house. It's not exactly a break from the norm and does follow modern trends so I suppose you could expect parts to look like a template. This is not the case for the ripped off site, it is a complete carbon copy, all design elements and text word for word.. he is even using my licensed font that I paid for.

We've actually acquired a new brand and you must have looked at the website during the transition.. Everything should now point to SwiftHost, rather than Xtmhost. same applies to Facebook page.

Xtmhost is essentially dead, new url is

I am displaying a physical address on my website, though it's not required as we're not registered with companies house under the new branding just yet.

We're still in early days / setup phases.
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