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Originally Posted by easyhostmedia View Post
It is not companies house that requires this. If you speak to your local Trading Standards they will inform you that it is a requirement under UK law.

When i started in 1999 i knew the manager at our local TS office and he offered to get someone to look over my website and TOS.
after he did that i got an envelope through the post with a printed copy of my TOS that they have almost torn to shreds with bits removed, bits added and bits amended.
I was also told that i had to legally display my physical address and a contact phone number somewhere on the site that could easily be found.
Thanks for the information I will look into it further.. However, it is still my understanding that while it's good practice to list a physical address, it's only legally required if you are a registered company and therefore have a registered office... A sole trader is essentially a single person, not a company, therefore has no real company address.

Originally Posted by SenseiSteve View Post
I just checked a good portion of your site against Copyscape and found no content duplicated except for some sections that were the same across more than 20 sites, so I doubt their site is affecting your site's performance.
Thanks for that, to be honest I made this thread when I first noticed the site had been ripped off, we have since moved on, changed a lot of content and even rebranded, new domain etc and are incrementally improving our design.

Even now the guy is still contacting me, asking the same questions and I have no idea why!

The company I buy my fonts from got back to me today they have forwarded it to their legal department so that will at least give the guy a little bit of hassle.
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