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Well I used WHMCS and didn't fact it was mess in that time...every day patch..patch..bug.. ,I left 2 years ago...I really don't see reason for new pricing but I respect their choice...they probably made calculations and have own rerasons,but also they could easy finish like Host Bill..not likely but could
...I think they are aware that there is significant gap between them and their closest competition when it comes to addons..plugins...gateways..
I must admit I had hard time to find billing solution for myself and even when I find it..We have to make few plugins and two gateways by ourself ....
But now I'm sleeping well,I never could this with WHMCS....well it was two years ago ..maybe now WHMCS is more stable..probably it is.
If they are even close to Blesta when it comes stability than I would pay 20$ any time..would go probably with owned licence....

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