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I've heard the opposite and that Google+ was dying but here are some quick tips that have helped me.

* Quantity is King, but make sure it is high quality content. (My idea: Use WordPress plugin FeedWordPress to bring good content to your site without much effort.)
* Use infographics (Ex. and
* Write headlines for both people and the search engines. (Do quick keyword research and trends for picking headline. Rand Fishkin says picking the right headline is 90% of the work.)
* Cover trending topics. (Use Google Trends)
* Write in conversational tone. Use words like You and I, small paragraphs, keep it simple, and ask questions in the blog post to encourage comments, suggestions, sharing, etc.
* Collect emails and offers and opt-ins and email blog posts as well. * Email subscribers are 3.9 times more likely to share your content.
* Monitor results to see what topics are the most popular.
* Build up social media profiles.
* Get partnerships in other blog RSS feeds.

* Find popular questions (list on 05 Content) on your customers product and/or service and answer them on social networks.

Step 1. Go to and find out which social media sources are the most popular with your customers main service or product.
Step 2. Create Social Media Accounts and optimize. (List of social media sites is in 09 Link Opportunies)
Step 3. Do quick keyword research on most popular terms about customers product and/or service.
Step 4. Set up Google Alerts and Moz Alerts.
Step 5. Answer questions on Q&A sites (List of Q&A sites is in 09 Link Opportunities)

Track your competition – It’s a great idea to know what your competition is up to, and following their movements on social networks is a great way to do that! But not only should you find and follow their accounts – set up a custom search with their company name to see what their customers are saying! Use those posts (good or bad) to gain the competative advantage.
Trade events and conferences – If you plan on attending an event for your industry, find out and set up a search for the name of the event, and the twitter “hashtag” (if there is one). Then, leading up to the event you’ll see who’s going to be there, what they’ll be talking about – and hopefully you can network and meet the right people beforehand.
Your community – Set up a search for the town or neighborhood your business is in – see what people are saying about the area, find out about events you might want to get involved in or event find potential new customers! Being aware of what’s going on in your community is important for most businesses or professionals.

There is an excellent read at
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