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Originally Posted by PremiumVM View Post

While I can't really comment on low, standard, high performance configurations I will recommend a configuration for VPS hosts to use.

For start up VPS hosts, I will always recommend something along the lines of the following:

16-32GB RAM
4x1TB HDD's
(optional) 1x128GB SSD for Flashcache
1Gbit Port

Something along the lines of that will serve well, and also be future proof.

Another option could also be a Dual E5-2620 with 64GB RAM if you really want to go up, and have the budget.
I maybe would increase the RAM to 64-128GB. Processor is good and storage looks acceptable depending on configuration. if using raid i dont think 1tb would be sufficient for the amount of customers you will need to make the server viable. Then we are in the realms of overselling
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