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Whilst I am not interesting your offer (we're fully in-house), I wanted to give you some tips as this advert doesn't really tell us anything.

Are you looking for work as an employee/contractor at a web hosting provider? Or do you provide outsourced live chat solutions?

If outsourcing, do you have a website? You need to boost confidence into your clients as essentially, here, you're just saying 'Give me access and I will represent you'. A website can boost trust, show casing your current clients etc

Do you currently work for a web host? I noticed the Company: Webhost Melbourne on your profile. Is this for your live chat outsourcing solution or an actual company offering hosting?

Prices, time of availability, number of agents (all if outsourcing)?

Basically: you need to build trust among your clients. Remaining active here can do that partially. A website showcasing your testimonials etc would go a long way.

I just don't see you getting many (if any) messages about this with the ad in its current form.
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