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Well, what do you know! Apparently our very own member has been quietly working on a live chat software that totally deserves a mention, even though the app is still in beta and Alex is too shy to talk about it yet (Alex, I hope you don't kill me for spilling the beans). This will, at the very least, make him work harder. Ha ha.

I usually never talk about services/products this way, but Alex is a great member who has been very helpful to others and to this community through the years, so he deserves a little love back.

So, is a live chat software that is super lightweight and yet highly customizable in looks. I've played around with it and there are quite a number of features I really liked about it that I didn't immediately see elsewhere. I thought it was very clever to integrate social media (Twitter and/or Facebook) into the widget. The user engaged even if you aren't available for a chat online. And they can also always check if you tweeted any support/promotional messages. Love that. The analytics look really really nice and there are a number of variables to tracks.

As I understand, the website is in open beta mode, you gain access immediately after signing up.

If you are looking around for a cool live chat software that is free, I highly recommend to check it out. Made by one of our own, who understands the needs of the market very well, it promises to become a solid new support tool.

Good job, Alex! I hope HubRocket is a success.