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In my opinion the best way would be to get a business account first. If you intend on putting up a personal account go to the bank and get a business account.

Once you have one, putting the routing details etc on the invoice should be ok. Not exactly on your website but on the invoice which if using WHMCS, will only show your bank details if they select the relevant payment method.

As long as you're just putting the details they need to route money in you should be fine. Probably best for them to make a note / comment stating the invoice ID so you can easily match everything up.

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Well the bank answer is not clear, at first they said we should give it to trusted client/vendor and then they said we can do it else how will the client pay

But from what i read i understand it's like posting your card details on website where anybody can misuse it but all you can do is file a dispute/chargeback and have it reversed
If you're posting the routing numbers (or in the UK: name, account number and sort code) then all they can do is route money into your account. They can't take any out with those details. You want to prevent any abuse as possible though as not all money transfers are legitimate. Limiting this to clients who have expressed intent to pay via bank transfer would probably be the best route.
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