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Hi Mike,

Thanks for checking us out! Answered your questions below

Originally Posted by xtm_mike View Post
Thanks for the sharing.. the back end looks great, I'll install it on a test site this week to give it a good.

Couple of questions.

- Why isn't the chat available on your own website? I've tested lots of live chat software and all of them offer support through the product they are trying to sell.
Live chat is available on our website though given it is just me and Jimmie, it isn't yet covered 24/7. It is something we'll be making happen in the future. In the meantime, we'll have the offline message form in the event we're off.

Originally Posted by xtm_mike View Post
- Is it only free during beta? if so, how much will it cost when out of beta? if it's going to remain free how will you be funding it?
It is free during the beta, we'll have a free package alongside paid packages (so we can keep the lights turned on). I can say it will be competitive though prices are not yet set in stone so that is all I can say right now .

Originally Posted by xtm_mike View Post
- What do you think HubRocket is offering over other live chat software, which at the moment is a massively crowded space.. new chat services are popping up every day? I absolutely love your analytics which seems to be rather unique in this space.
Great question! We are focusing on becoming a multi-channel live chat software. For example, a visitor will be able to send you a message through their most preferred channel and they will all get routed into HubRocket. An example is FB messenger, Viber etc.

We also built HubRocket because of the pricing model at other companies. Want departments? Pay +$xx per agent. Oh want to remove our branding? Yup, thats another plan, add +$yy per agent. It seemed like every little feature was justification for a higher pricing tier which is something we disagreed with and wanted to change.

Originally Posted by xtm_mike View Post
Looking forward to testing it properly
Thanks! Looking forward to having you on board. If you have any issues or questions please feel free to reach out to me personally -
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