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Originally Posted by whmcsguru View Post
While it looks promising, can't say as it's that appealing to me.

Requiring someone to keep a browser window open just for a 'live chat' service, no thanks... Sorry

No native apps (Windows, iOS, Android), again, a big miss.

I understand it's a beta thing right now, so do keep the work up, it looks good, and hopefully those two things will be addressed, as I desperately need a reliable system, since is just turning to garbage lately

We're a small team (2 of us to be exact!) so we have to allocate resources carefully . Sadly we're not in a position to be building apps for every platform (all desktop and mobile variants).

With all that being said, we are working on XMPP support which should be pushed very soon. This should make it possible to integrate with any desktop and mobile client that supports XMPP.

However if you're on Windows, you can also use Chrome to create a 'desktop' app.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions on XMPP or the Chrome alternative provided above.

A more native approach is in the pipeline and will likely happen shortly after our beta phase.

May I ask why you feel has gone downhill?
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