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Originally Posted by xtm_mike View Post
Alex, thanks for answering my questions. I do have one small feature request that I think may be helpful to others.

I can live with always being in the browser, but the deal breaker for me is notifications. When relying on the browser it is easy to get distracted..

It would be good if you had the ability to send notifications to apps like Slack when a message is received... or a webhook url that is pinged when a message is received... we can then write our own implementations.

We automate a lot of our system by writing implementations for services like IFTTT and Boxcar, we receive notifications so that we never miss anything.

I can see your app allows browser/desktop notifications but it would essentially break our workflow.

I've seen some apps that feed the full conversation (send and reply) into a Slack channel so you never need to load the browser.
Hey Mike!

I agree completely and I'm happy to say that is already something we've got planned .

We intend on supporting this over 2 updates, the first being simple notifications into HipChat and Slack for various events.

The second update is much larger (we're calling it Channels) and will enable you to receive and reply to chats directly within Slack but won't stop there. You'll be able to integrate several apps into HubRocket such as Facebook messenger. If enabled, when a visitor messages you on your Facebook page it'll be routed directly into HubRocket (and if you have Slack enabled, it'll also route to Slack).

Overtime we'll expand Channels to support more services. The goal is to make HubRocket the only app you'll need to speak with your customers regardless of which channel they contact you on.

I'll be sure to reach out to you once we've got things rolled out .
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