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Status: easyhostmedia is online now
why cant some clients not follow instruction
i get this live chat offline message on 8th Dec.

I bought domain here that costs GBP 6.48
then when I will going to buy a hosting I cannot log in anymore with my account even if I request for new password what can you do about it?
I need an urgent answer.
I receive email from Terry Robertson
I need to buy hosting asap.

Thank You

Submitted From :
i worked out he ordered the domain from our domain site easyhostdomains and then set up an account on our hosting site niceday hosting, but did not complete the email verification process, so i manually set this for him, but then i get

Hi Good Day.
Would you mind if I will request to tranfer my domain
to nice day hosting ?
I bought this in this site but I think it is redirected to THe Easyhost media group, I get confuse of it.
Please see link for reference.
Thank you.
so i replied with

No need to transfer domain as it is already within our system, you just need to order hosting and then chose the domain option ‘I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers’ as shown in the attached screenshot.
Once hosting is ordered i can then add the domain into your account profile on niceday-hosting.

Let me explain our business structure.

Our official business name ( bank accounts, HMRC registration etc.) is The Easyhost Media Group. (

The following are all brands of The Easyhost Media Group

[Mod note: The list of all companies omitted.]

only for him to send this reply


I still dont have any data here.
and then he sent this


I dont understand why I need to wait for almost a week to use my domain and hosting. If I cannot use this as soon as possible can you just please refund my payment ?

I just need this asap.

Thank you

all he has done so far is open an account at niceday hosting and then ordered a domain at easyhostdomains. he has never placed any order for hosting even though i have explained what he needs to do and even sent him instructions.

he seems to have no idea how hosting and domains work, which i find strange as the domain he ordering is regarding SEO services
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