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Along with what everyone else said, if you're looking to make your business stand out (any business), you need to go where the others are not.

Thousands of web hosts are on Adwords or forums, you need to go where they are not. Ideally, the places I'd recommend would be those local to your physical location so people can put a face with the name.

This might mean networking groups, specific conference groups (not web hosting or graphic design related, but targeted at small business owners).

Once you have your client base, THEN you can go the other route.

When I had my hosting company, we didn't get into adwords until probably the final two year (that's after 15+ years in business). We were also VERY selective in what we went after. It wasn't "hosting", it was a specific software or client target.

Start small. Focus on your market. Expand as needed. You don't run a marathon after 1 week at the gym!
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