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would never recommend namecheap. i have used them on a personal level for several years, but am in the process of moving my domains away from them.

I had a domain that was with them and they failed to send me any renewal notices for this domain and it was only when i had to check on another domain i noticed the domain was not in my list so contacted them and was told it was in redemption as it was not renewed, but no problem i can have it if i pay them $200 + the domain renewal costs. i refused and saying as they never told me to renew the domain then they can whistle for the $200 as i dont pay scammers. they then told me it must be my email address not receiving emails from namecheap which i told them wrong as i was getting renewals for other domains and even all their newsletters etc. from them. they then told me that they could reduce the redemption fee to $100 i still refused, so they reduced this to $80 i still refused and they said they could not lower it as it is what they have to pay their upstream provider, so i told them well they just contact their upstream provider and explain to them that they are scammers trying to scam me, so i demand my legal domain at the renewal costs. they still would not budge and said well it will go into the public domain, but i could just register a new domain with them to get the site back up.
so it is just a scam they are running
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