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This appears to be a "Data Serv" template, but most of the "ipsum lorem" text is still in place, including the stock logo.

@west87 do you have the infrastructure to sell the items that you are selling?
Only the domain and hosting is a tiny bill, but the servers required to do this properly are expensive by comparison.

We use OVH a lot (not exclusively, but a lot) so when you are a bit further along we could talk about whether you could piggy back on our infrastructure.

Your site does not currently make clear the technologies that you are using or the services that you are providing. (i.e what control panel or what type of VPS etc).

I can see more than 50 other domains hosted on the IP that your site is hosted on. At best that means you have your site on the same server as your customers, or your site is on shared or reseller hosting with your customers. At worst, these are not even your customers.

Obviously if we were to invest we would like you to be on our infrastructure, as we wouldn't want to be giving money away for services that we can provide.

So more information would be necessary to tempt us to help you when you are further along with your site design and marketing.
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