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Originally Posted by Ianm View Post
Do you have plans for premier membership to reduce posting delays?
No such plans exist. While the marketplace is moderately busy as it is, allowing more frequent posting of same ads is not something that I find enticing. Instead of paid membership, we have very affordable stickies that companies can choose to go for, in which case they don't even have to worry about remembering to post an ad every 3-5 days. Stickies are always above all other ads.

Originally Posted by danielpmc View Post
Please, Please, Please
Do not add a free hosting section here. Although this thread is a bit old, i just wanted to add my opinion and why.
Daniel, thank you very much for such a structured feedback.
Given that this is a web hosting forum, I had to bring it up initially (in spite of being against it personally). The good news is that I have cooled off to the idea of "free hosting" marketplace pretty quickly after asking. I am glad majority of our members are on the same page on this.
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