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Originally Posted by vegas View Post
You can make with your criteria anything of my words as well as easyhostmedia dude
tough I would be dumb if I said I dont need you or anybody ,I guess you are jelous that Im humble enough to believe in the power of God that sure will help me with my PHP endevours and mySQL endevours that if in case you want to find out what happened with it you have to relate to my meaning since I very well spoke about my mySQL databases not relating with PHP and you say Im ignoring you or what,now that is a very important issue that you are very welcome to speak about openly as well as how to set a mysql user for root .I said that I get no longer error 500 that is truly related ops meaning and that my index.php is now showing up with all of its colors and glamour ,never meant to offend nobody but I believe is a free forum other wise I would not be posting here.

As is free forum you are also free to ignore my PHP related issues since I dont see nobody explaining why php files load well but scripts dont as per PHP 5.2.71 which I feel like a gem but no one talks about what they think of it,I started up by saying that is a matter of database communication so you cant say Im like troubling you
All I can see is that you are completely off track. And unfortunately, I can't be of much help to you as all your words are strung together. I am attempting to do my best given the information you have provided, but if you take the time to use a period and a structured sentence, this process would go so much easier.

As far as being jealous. That's laughable, but then you don't know me, so I encourage you to keep your thoughts to yourself. I will however remind you that I have provided quite a bit of help over the past few years to you specifically, both via the forums and via private message, but if you fail to remember my name, I guess I was just used for my knowledge.

I reported what I read and that was that you didn't need our help and God was going to sort it out for you. If I interpreted that incorrectly, then it was likely due to your lack a period between structured sentences.

With regards to nobody explaining why PHP files load well, this was documented in my previous postings. If you are using code from a different version of PHP than that which is installed on the server then it will error.

Similarly, MySQL will do the same. There were MAJOR restructures in PHP which will directly affect how files, scripts, and connections work.

MySQL also went through a pretty extensive overhaul, and this too could be a reason why your scripts are not working.
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