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LONDON, UK - February 17th, 2017 - Zomex, a professional template provider has just announced all of their WHMCS templates.

Today is a very special day at Zomex, we've just updated all of our <a href="/templates/whmcs/">WHMCS templates</a> adding an array of new features including a new grid based table layout, HTML support & new Wizard Panel settings, CSS animation &amp; much more!

Commenting on the merge, chief executive officer of Zomex, Jack Curtis, said:

"This new update takes our WHMCS templates to the next level and really streamlines our product into the perfect solution for those looking to start their own web hosting reseller business."
Full story: WHMCS templates update


About Zomex

Based in the UK, Zomex has successfully helped hundreds of customers from across the world with a variety of services to help them start their web hosting business including templates, web design and WHMCS configuration.

What sets Zomex apart from the competition is its knowledge of the web hosting market, ensuring advice and guidance is of the highest quality.

For more information, go to
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