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Originally Posted by hostgliders View Post
Guys , how was the experience with the google ad-words , I had used it one time but we didn't get much results as expected.. Is it good for business like webhosting. I think the keywords play here.
Google AdWords has done tremendously well for web hosting companies. There are so many ways to utilize AdWords. Without a large marketing budget, competing for keywords like "web hosting", "cheap hosting" or dedicated servers" would not only be inefficient, it won't produce much result. These are obviously the most expensive keyword searches.

However, if you diversify, or have any specialty hosting products, then using keywords like "your city web hosting" or "vbulletin hosting" will not only cost less, but you'll drive highly targeted traffic to your site on top of that.

And sometimes it isn't enough to just use these keywords, you need to create a relationship between an ad and your website. So if you offer vbulletin hosting, for example, and the ad states that, if someone clicks it, take that person to a specially designed landing page that talks about vbulletin hosting in particular and why your company is the best at it, among other details and perhaps a limited time special pricing. Make them believe that they aren't only getting exactly what they are looking for, but also getting a good deal on top of that.

So coming back to you. Can you share a bit how you used AdWords, to understand what might have been improved? What keywords did you go for? How long did you run the campaign for? What was the budget?
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