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I would ask you to reconsider Daniel. This was the one thread that I really enjoyed reading.

I get my fill of web hosting related info everyday, but Today in My World gives all of us a chance to step away from that and view the world from someone else's perspective.

For those who haven't traveled extensively, this thread gives us an insight to the sights and sounds of places far removed from our local circles. I, for one, will continue to post here and hope that you and other members here make this the longest lasting thread on Hosting Discussion.

Today in My World it's raining, but the temperature is unseasonably warm and I can see green buds popping out on some of my bushes. When I wake up now, it's already daylight, so I'm looking forward to when time changes again and my flowers start to bloom.

Not only that, but it's still daylight when I get off of work, so the first thing I do is grab my dog's over-sized squeaky tennis ball and we go outside to play fetch. As soon as I squeak that ball, my dogs are ready to race outside of my back door and down the driveway to bring that ball back to me. They look forward to that everyday as do I.