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Originally Posted by danielpmc View Post
Today in my world, i realized it is time to say goodbye to the hosting forums. Thanks to all, i have learned from you and have tried to share my experiences. But in the world of hosting since i am not buying or selling, sooner or later my opinions will become invalid and i will become known as the guy that gets in the way. This thread was kind of my last hope of trying to find a way for people to post in a way that does not involve buying, sellling or racking brains for technical solutions. Did not work out so well. I wish all of you the best in life, and thanks for all.
Nice thread Daniel, shame you're leaving so soon? As they say, don't make hasty decisions on an "off" day... if that is what it is? PS I appreciated your help on WHT regarding feedback on the design.

Well, I live in the UK where all it does is rain and rain as another member mentioned. I would love to travel more and visit many different countries and maybe move to somewhere where the weather is much better. So far, I've only been to Germany and Greece. As they say, it's a big world out there; I'd love to visit many of the different beautiful countries. I'll keep dreaming for now...
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