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Today in my world i came and read the posts here and was very excited to read about the experiences of all of you. And thanks for convincing me to continue posting. Means a lot. Thanks.

So what do i have to share? This morning my wife came to me and said the words no man wants to hear. She told me we have to talk. I was surprised because we get along so well, and im wondering what did i do to get the we have to talk conversation. So i ran through the checklist of things a man should not do. Yes, i did put the toilet seat down. Yes, i did put the dishes in the sink and not stacked up on my computer desk. Yes, i did not make noises at 4:00 am and wake her up. Yes, i did fill the birdfeeder. Well i covered the bases, so this must be serious.

Being a smart guy sometimes, i decided to let her tell me what i did wrong instead of doing some stupid damage control thing. Here she comes out on the porch and she has her jacket, shoes and purse. This cant be good. But she said simply:

Lets go to the coffee shop and hang out and talk. She said it had been over a week since we sat and talked with each other at our favorite coffee shop, so today we are going to do that. And we sat all day together and talked about all kind of things, my wife and i. Thats what happened in my world today.
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