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My comment is not going to be as much on design (after all, it is a default theme) or layout, but as much on structure and content.

Structurally, the forum is very solid. Clearly well thought through forums and their order: core topics, marketplace, general/announcements/news. Forum descriptions are excellent and user friendly.

Now, the content. It is fantastic that you are staying as active as possible. People will take notice as they decide to invest their time in your community. Continue pushing topics and new ideas, get the members involved in decision-making, which I see you are doing already. As I shared with you when we spoke before your launch, forums are not easy. There are no shortcuts. It will require time, dedication, investment and more time to make it a success, especially during the time when forums in general are experiencing a decline. I know you and I know that you are all about quality, which is exactly what will help you set the standard for your community. Quality has always attracted quality contributors and people who have no time to waste on fluffy communities.

Overall, I am proud to be the first (I believe) user registered on your forum, after yourself. Bragging rights for life.

PS: Love the pink theme.
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