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Today in my world i saw a clash of predators and prey. Since we live on the ouskirts of a city, people tend to be a bit more unique in their choice of pets. Our next door neighbor has a few chickens and cats. The roosters name is George and he has 3 hens that follow him all day long. The neighbor also has a few cats. The chickens and cats rarely acknowledge each other and get along fine. Until moments such as today.

So any ways i am sitting on my porch when all of a sudden George the rooster and the kitten both appear to be fixated on something in the distance. All of a sudden the two race towards whatever it is they are looking at, totally oblivious to each other. They both reached the objective and both launch into the air and collide with each other. Feathers and fur, plus a lot of animal noises are all i can see and hear. But while the rooster and kitten are wrapped up in a ball of chaos, a grasshopper flies out of the fracas and goes about on its merry way. Rooster and kitten land and try to appear like nothing just happened.
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