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Originally Posted by HostXNow View Post
Many providers offer PayPal and Stripe so similar to offering WorldPay and Stripe/PayPal.

Not everyone can or wants to use PayPal. You can lose legit sales by only offering a few payment methods.

But I have been happy with PayPal for years and it does the job, so in no rush to add other payment methods. Just something I've been considering.
But Stripe and Worldpay do and offer the same services. they are both credit card/debit card processors.

Paypal allows you to have a credit with them that remains in your paypal account to use in the future.

so yes offer Stripe/Paypal or Worldpay/Paypal, but no good offering Worldpay/Stripe as both these are exactly the same

so offer

A credit/debit card processor ( worldpay/stripe/authorize Net etc.)
Direct Debit
Direct Bank Transfers

these are the only options you should need to offer
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