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Originally Posted by hostgliders View Post
It would be great if you can let me know the steps involved in ordering and setting up cloudflare ssl . so , a cloudflare account is enough to do that?
Basic steps;

Get a cloudflare account
If on Apache, verify mod_cloudflare is installed
If on Ngix, there's other options needed, BUT
If the client uses WordPress on Ngix, install cloudflare plugin and it takes care of things.
Set cloudflare to use Flexible SSL
Enable HTTPS redirects
I also use HSTS, but that many not be necessary for others

and that's really about it. There are really limited steps to get it up and running.

From a browser end of things, it redirects to HTTPS and says "Secure" in the browser bar. While not branded with company information, it gets the job done.

My site with Cloudflare SSL -
Business Site (EV SSL) -

You'll see the difference in the browser address bar listing the company information on our business account. Any clients we work with for marketing, we strongly recommend using an EV SSL for further branding and security reinforcement.
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