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Today in my world is a day i have wanted for a long time.

In November 2016 i was very happy and content with my presence online. My personal sites were showing to the public and my Reseller store was starting to show success. But that bubble was burst when i received a letter from my host saying my account had been sold and soon the new company was going to take possesion and begin migration. Since i have experience in the hosting industry for many years, i know companies come and go. Only thing is the company that bought out my host was one that i absolutely did not want anything to do with. So i cancelled my account and thanked my host for being one of the best and for all they had done for me.

Starting in December 2016 i was researching various hosting ccompanies, and was horrified at the offerings i was able to find through simple Google searches. I remembered my past host used to post at a hosting forum and figured i would look there for advice. To my surprise i found a thread that was started about my host being sold and first hand experiences from people that had been migrated to the new host. It was a ugly situation involving the migrations. But i also read a lot of peoples posts to the thread that were not even a client of either host. So i joined the forum in order to offer my first hand experience. While engaging in that thread, i started to offer advice to other members and asked many questions of members. But the underlying experience i found was that some members were mostly posting to show their signatures with their hosting company in it. I am not saying they were trolling, since the posts and responses were generally done to help another member.

But i found that mosts posts were in a way that did not leave room for discussions. Most threads and subsequent posts became a support oriented situation. After the question was answered the thread would dry up, and then the trolling and debates started. I hung in there for a couple months, but recently said enough is enough. This is taking up to much of my time and it is becoming a recipe for redundancy. Over the last few days i have decided to stop trying to engage people in hosting forums. I really enjoy Hosting Discussion and will continue to ask questions and offer solutions. The members here talk like humans, not as a host trying to sell.

Today in my world i am going to present to my wife a business plan and ask her if we can afford it
. There is a host i am very interested in and have followed their posts daily at the other forum, and they recently posted a very well written and detailed advertisement. I am specifically looking at their Reseller plans to host my reseller business website.
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