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This is my honest and unpaid for opinion from a person in the demographic of people that dont engage in social media trends. haha I am probabably in a small percentage of people online. When i surf i find it annoying that i have to go to Instagram, Snapchat or for that matter Facebook to '' read more '' Since i am already at a persons or companies site/blog/forum/etc.. it irritates me that i always have to go to another site to finish reading or viewing a photo.

And as Artashes said "However, people have a very hard time following company accounts, because they know they are willingly signing up to clutter their personal feed with ads, because that's what businesses do on Instagram"

I am all for supporting people/companies online and will click on ads to help them, but places like Instagram, MySpace etc... have more ads than relevant content. When i come across a site such as this i do not return.
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