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Originally Posted by ughosting View Post
I get this all the time from the "start-up SEOs" they go to the trouble of using all manner of nameservers rather than our provided ones, then cannot understand that they must resolve the www/website address to the same IP that they hosted their domain on (we give a choice of IPs).

It's a nightmare explaining that if they change the domain IP, they have to change the DNS.

"But that should be automatic" the say.
It would be if they used our nameserver cluster.

Usually I provide them with a special checklist, which if they follow, will ensure their domain is working.
but this guy just purchased a domain from our domain site, he never ordered hosting, but thought buying a domain it would come fully setup with hosting. Then he demanded that i transfer the domain to our hosting site, so it would come with hosting, so it would show in his account on our hosting site. i explained they he needed to purchase hosting first then it would show up in his hosting account and gave him step by step instructions.
apart from me setting up hosting manually ( which would mean he by passes the security processes) he just had to follow my instructions
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