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Originally Posted by vegas View Post
Yes but you guys are stating here in very macho way that mySQL dont relate at all to each other with PHP and many weird things like If I was fighting you for being envious of me and I just meant being jelous of me being humble and believe in the power of God which necessary dont mean you are worth less but take it however you want.

As for relates of being my side man in the past I pretty much thank you you know that you are my kind of guy and this thing of PHP it was a living nightmare because my html area was built using kloxo backups with old kloxo 32 bit ,that was put out of the air and replaced by KloxoMR thing that was just like a terrorist attack because backups didnt work because of PHP since its creator Mustafa Ramadan didnt make it compatible with old kloxo so and more than anything if you wanted to set kloxo to work with php 5.2.17 it didnt allow you.

I overcame all that my index.php giving 500 error and even to the fact that I wear no panel anymore and my index.php loads well,the problem is that my mySQL databases dont connect to my PHP scripts and just coding appears .Well I had to do bunch of dirty work and delete tons of stuff because you can not expect and older version of PHP to work if you still have stuff from newer versions and also the mySQL versions cant relate from newer PHP and finally your apache version has also to match or whatever you used to bring light home but in the end all is configuration matter even if you get pissed the hell out to me
no one getting at you

mySQL (database) and PHP (general-purpose scripting language) are 2 different things

yes if a mySQL database was written in PHP 5.4 and your server is using PHP 5.6 they the Database will not work as the language algorithm is different.

yes building a site is old framework will never work in new framework.

Kloxo remained the same for many years, but when the developer died and it was sold on the new owners redesigned the whole framework as the old framework was full of issues as it had not been updated in many years.
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