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vegas all i can see if we have tried to help you through our own years of experience. I have to agree with Ughosting. Free panels cost you in the long run in both time and money.
Also think if you grow and decide to move to a paid panel like cpanel, you would have to rewrite your whole site again as you cannot migrate from most panels to another panel.
If you want to stay with free panels then ditch Kloxo. I suggest you use Centos Web Panel as for 1 thing it looks like cpanel and if in the future you want to get a paid cpanel licence then CWP can migrate to cPanel and visa versa.
Like ughosting i started web hosting in 1999, but worked on computer several years before then when everything ran in MsDOS. when i started webhosting i used resellers until several issues that lost me many clients so i went with a managed server and never looked back. i also took out an unmanaged server and tested most free panels and non worked good enough to use for a web hosting business.
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