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This is my honest and unpaid for opinion from a person in the demographic of people that dont engage in social media trends. haha I am probabably in a small percentage of people online. When i surf i find it annoying that i have to go to Instagram, Snapchat or for that matter Facebook to '' read more '' Since i am already at a persons or companies site/blog/forum/etc.. it irritates me that i always have to go to another site to finish reading or viewing a photo.
Social media has to be used as a tool that compliments your business, not something that is forced onto your client. Having clients visit social media for more information is the wrong way to work it. It should be the opposite - deliver an exciting message that will be social in nature and engaging on your social media channel and draw people to your website. People who would otherwise never go looking for your website intentionally.

Companies just need to realize that people that use social networks actively is a different demographic than those who they serve day-to-day. But there are ways to convert some of them into customers if you make it an interesting story, find creative ideas to sell yourself as a solution to their problems.
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