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★★★ About our Plugin ★★★

This is a one-time paid plugin with unlimited support and updates. This plugin replaces the one shipped with Blesta so you can't use both. It's created to take the CMS to the next level.

Please note after payment for this plugin it's non-refundable due to the nature of the product in question.

Full demo can be found here: &

★★★ Installation ★★★

To Install the plugin, you need a license key:

Then you can install the plugin:


★★★ Videos ★★★

Menu Video:

Page Video:

Blog Video:

★★★ How can you get the CMS Plugin? ★★★

We provide it with our Modern Integration+ for free and we sell it on it's own here for $100: Place an order here.

The plugin is fully editable minus the 3 files used for licensing purposes. We'll only support the plugin if no major changes have been done, that way we know it is our issue and not something you've done to it.

★★★ Multi-Company ★★★

Yes our plugin supports Blesta's multi-company so you can use it on all of them with custom menu's pages, blogs etc.

★★★ Coming in 1.2.0 ★★★
- Multi-language support ( & or
- Allows you to set Logged in / Guest only for links / pages / posts
- Page Caching -- Automatically caches the pages / blogs using Blesta's caching system so it speeds up your site.
- Support for BlestaAddons SiteMap generator.
- Staff Permissions.
- New settings tab.
- Allow you to display recent blog posts on the footer / your site.
- Add staff name to blog posts
- Date posted (Static) & Date Updated (Changes per update)
- Meta Tags set per page if you prefer to have them.
- Monthly licenses supported.

1.2.0 is coming March 2017, developed for us by CyanDark. Few previews:

Blesta 4.0.0 front page:

New Settings page:

Private Github with our development:

So you can have for example: (default site) (Spanish translation site)

PS: Another good thing about using our plugin for your website is that if you go to or both urls work.

Our thead:
Licensecart - We only sell High Quality licenses
Products: Blesta ~ LiteSpeed ~ SolusVM ~ KernelCare ~ R1Soft ~ InterWorx ~ Webhost Bundle
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