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Originally Posted by SenseiSteve View Post
Conor brings up a good point here that often gets overlooked and that's having whole words show up BOLD in SERPS. Once prospects find your site on search queries, you want them to click through and do something.
I use Google primarily, and for me words in bold appear only in the description under a title. Neither the title, nor the URL itself displays the searched term in bold type.

Aside for that, isn't it more of an aesthetic issue anyway? If the website is on point, it will have that word embedded enough times into the site to make it clear that that is what the website is about.

Just as we are talking about this, I learned today that Microsoft is shutting its social network (who knew they had one) SOCL. And its URL is "". Obviously it is a play on word social and they went for the branding effect/short URL combo, but still - just to say that companies do opt for these..