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Originally Posted by Artashes View Post
I think it is a terrific idea. Loyalty point that allow them to use it towards services and upgrades, which will embed them into your organization even further.

There is a science that helps you understand how much to give away, because after all you don't want it to costing you money, rather improving your bottom line. I would recommend reading about how to build a successful loyalty program for your company before introducing any part of it.

It might also be interesting to ask your own clients what kind of things they would prefer. This will engage them into the program right away.
It all depends on the points you reward and for what client action such as below

Points Collection
When you register we will give you 100 points
When you add a new contact we will give you 50 points
When you rate a ticket reply we will give you 10 points
When you rate a resolved ticket we will give you 50 points
When you purchase a service we will give you 100 points
When you spend more than 50 or more in a single month we will give you 250 points
When you have spent more than 100 in total on our services we will give you 500 points
When you create a forum topic we will give you 20 points
When you reply to a forum topic we will give you 10 points
When one of your forum topic replies gets rated as the best answer we will give you 50 points
For every 1000 points you earn on our site we will add 1 credit to your balance, which automatically gets applied to any new invoices for you.

What does this mean? It means the more you access our services, the less you pay.
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